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Connecting the entrepreneurial community

in South Florida

About the Association

Supporting Business in South FloridaThe Gold Coast Venture Capital Association was founded in the fall of 1984 as a not-for-profit corporation to assist the entrepreneurial community of South Florida.

A dedicated group of business executives, professionals and entrepreneurs have been involved since the early stages helping the Association develop and realize its potential.

Although the Association does no direct funding or matching of investors with those seeking funding, it develops and presents monthly programs which are designed to provide information and assistance to start-up, emerging and established growth companies while offering a unique venue for entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to come together.

Today the GCVCA is viewed throughout the state as one of the most active and successful organization's serving the entrepreneurial community.

The Board of Directors continues to develop new programs and to build upon existing programs to assist start-up and emerging-growth companies.


The Association acts as a catalyst to bring together investors, entrepreneurs, institutional and private investors, financial institutions, business professionals and leaders in the business community by:

  • Providing a forum where investors, entrepreneurs and professionals can meet and network
  • Informing and educating entrepreneurs and private investors on the venture capital process
  • Encouraging the growth and successful development of entrepreneurial businesses in South Florida
  • Providing investors (venture capital companies, small business investment companies, corporations interested in emerging-growth companies and private investors) with a window on opportunities in South Florida.